A Good Patriot

Series 1 - Episode 3 A Good Patriot



The first episode suggested this US thriller might be something of a blunt instrument, but it’s developing interesting edges and angles – not quite the complete Swiss penknife, maybe, but a many-sided story that at least tries to address big issues.

Very bad people have developed weaponised plague as a tool of terror and when CIA analyst Joe (Max Irons) rumbled them, his entire team was killed. Now he is on the run, the prime suspect for their murders, and has to take his last Tinder date captive for somewhere to hide.

Meanwhile, there’s a great scene where CIA rivals Mira Sorvino and William Hurt square off, while even Brendan Fraser’s baddie shows a softer side.


Bob searches for somebody he can trust as news of the massacre spreads.

Cast & Crew

Joe Turner Max Irons
Bob Partridge William Hurt