The Heist £1Million Bank Job

The Heist £1Million Bank Job

Series 1 - Episode 1



This grand-scale game show is by the team behind Channel 4’s Hunted. Their new one is similar, but initially even more contrived: ten ordinary residents of Thirsk are given extensive instructions on how to rob £250,000 from a security van that’s been left in town for the purpose. Once they’ve got the cash and fled, a team of ex-cops starts the chase: if the five pairs of contestants can remain unidentified for a fortnight, they keep their share.

Just as in Hunted, the fun is in confidently asserting that you’d never be guilty of the schoolboy errors the amateur robbers make, and in relishing the showboating badinage of the hard-boiled detectives. The problem is believing any of it: a near miss near the end tonight is far too neat.


Ten people team up to plan and execute a raid on a cash-in-transit van, then have to hide their share of the £250,000 for two weeks from a squad of detectives.