Inside Harrods: The World's Most Famous Department Store

Inside Harrods: The World's Most Famous Department Store

Series 2



Don’t expect this to be along the lines of Inside Claridges or Inside John Lewis. It’s nothing like those ob-doc series and much more of a potted history and luxury-trivia round-up – and perfectly interesting for all that, because Harrods trivia is stranger than most.

The sheer scale of the place – five acres of retail over seven floors – takes some swallowing: the programme rather skates over the fact that the store has its own generators and its own [italics] wells [italics]. One interesting section explores the supplies that Scott’s Antarctic expedition ordered there (no explorer should be without jugged hare, foie gras, roast pheasant, etc) and another covers the role the store played in selling the original Winnie the Pooh to Daphne Milne.


Documentary going behind the famous gold-and-green facade of the London retailer, to explore the store's million square feet of shopping space, as well as the secrets of its success. Viewed as a uniquely British institution for more than 150 years, items on sale range from precious gems and high-class toys to designer fashions and food. Such notoriety goes both ways however, and the store was targeted by the IRA on two occasions. Harrods was linked with further tragedy in 1997, when its owner's son, Dodi Al-Fayed, was killed in a car crash alongside Princess Diana.

Cast & Crew

Director Matthew Nicholson
Executive Producer Oliver Wright
Producer Matthew Nicholson
Documentary Education