Al Murray: Why Does Everyone Hate the English?


Series 1 - Episode 4 Scotland



You’d think a trip north across the Tweed would yield some rather vinegary answers to this question, but the Scots’ grudge list here (like the outlawing of tartan and the siting of nuclear weapons at Falsane) feels a trifle tame and toothless and seems to ignore perhaps testier bones of contention like North Sea Oil and Brexit.

Things gets a bit spikier when Al Murray and the witty, genial Fred MacAulay discuss the loss of the Glasgow shipbuilding industry. But all of the UK has suffered from the decline of heavy industry notes the likable Englishman, whose quest is essentially a warm-hearted and reconciliatory one. As such, though, it still works rather beautifully.


Al catches up with Fred MacAulay as they unravel the deep-seated hostility between England and neighbours to the north - Scotland.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Al Murray
Contributor Fred MacAulay