First Dates

Series 11 - Episode 1



“When we are looking for love, we should be open, experimental…” Fred Sirieix states. But party animal Lee’s date Abbi – who’s dressed a bit like Frozen’s Elsa – is a tea-drinking homebody. Can he let it go?

Carrying on the Disney theme, Cameron is sporting a Cruella de Vil haircut, for his date with conventionally dressed law student Joe. Bianca and Teza make a lovely-looking couple, but she bravely reveals a secret that makes you hold your breath in anticipation of his reaction.

And your heart goes out to 75-year-old Deanna, who totters into the restaurant lugging a shopping trolley loaded with snacks… and then has a disappointing time.


Recruitment consultant Lee sits down for a meal with Abbi, who lives a more civilised lifestyle than he does. Septuagenarian Deanna, who hasn't been on a date in 20 years, meets ex-car mechanic Alex, but he seems more interested in the waiter than in her, while beauty ambassador Bianca is paired with Teza, who prides himself on being an entertainer, but admits that his cockiness is a mask for his own insecurity.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Barnaby Coughlin
Executive Producer Jon Crisp
Executive Producer Michele Kurland
Series Producer Richard Mears