We'll Let You Know

Series 2 - Episode 4 We'll Let You Know



Who knows what life in the upper echelons of the movie business is really like, but this show’s caricature manages to be as convincing as it is mad.

There’s a scene tonight where April – the studio exec who was roped into The Admiral’s Mistress – meets her new Hollywood boss. He is calmly conducting several meetings at once while on the phone via his headset and greets April with a bowl of something odd-looking: “Prune?” he offers, then tells her to read a 600-page book in two hours.

Meanwhile, Miles (Chris O’Dowd) has a new project, a post–apocalyptic drama: “It’s about being tough on the outside while you try not to lose yourself”– something he knows plenty about.


Miles starts to plan for his next project and decides to look for funding. Elsewhere, Louis and Gladys plan their first official date.

Cast & Crew

Miles Daly Chris O'Dowd
Rick Moreweather Ray Romano