Grand Designs

Series 18 - Episode 5



Kevin McCloud sees double this week when he meets identical twins Nik and Jon Daughtry, who run a graphic design company together. But that’s not all – they also drive the same type of car and own identical dogs. And now they want to build two near-identical houses next door to each other in Sheffield.

It’s a highly ambitious build, of course, on a tight budget (again, of course), and proves a testing project for the close siblings. They want to build houses raised up on steel stilts, on the site of an old corn mill. There will be huge steel frames and exposed blockwork and materials and the finish must be perfect…


Identical twins Nik and Jon Daughtry build two near-identical houses next door to each other in Sheffield, paying tribute to the city's industrial past. Their plans are incredibly ambitious, not only do they want to build the two houses for the price of one, but the materials and finish have to be absolutely perfect. With a tight budget, it's an almighty stretch from the start. As delays, overages and imperfections hit, it's clear the twins' intuitive and incredibly close relationship will be tested like never before.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Kevin McCloud
Director Marc Beers
Executive Producer Fiona Caldwell
Executive Producer Cal Turner
Producer John Lonsdale