Canada: A Year in the Wild


Series 1 - Episode 4 Summer

Mon 8 Jun 9pm - 10pm 5SELECT
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Sat 13 Jun, 7pm - 8pm 5SELECT


If you don’t mind your natural history delivered in comforting, old-fashioned doses, this visit to the Canadian summer is very pleasurable. David Suchet narrates in the reassuring tones of a favourite uncle reading stories to a poorly child.

Even when he’s describing grim stuff – like the way mosquito clouds torment caribou, or the woes of polar bears, “each one slowly starving” as they plod northwards – the warmth and polish of his voice convince you everything will be fine.

And there are good sequences here, including mountain-goat kids struggling up a cliff and prairie dogs – who are always comical and sweet – doing a kind of prairie-dog yoga.


The wildlife of Canada throughout summer, as they strive to make the most of what the season has to offer before the weather once more takes a turn for the worst. Mountain goat kids follow their mothers on an epic journey to a mineral-rich spring, while caribou have to keep moving to avoid the mosquitos that can suck up to three pints of their blood throughout the season. Meanwhile, the polar bears are unable to hunt until the sea freezes over, leaving them trapped on land with precious little to eat.

Cast & Crew

Director Matt Thompson
Executive Producer Sarah Swingler