Landscape Artist of the Year 2018: Viking Bay

Landscape Artist of the Year 2018: Viking Bay

Series 4



They like to cover a range of art styles in this series. For the second week running there’s a fabric artist lugging a sewing machine and an ironing board; but also an abstract artist whose paintings bear no resemblance to what’s in front of her. As the contestants get to work depicting Viking Bay in Broadstairs, Kent, there are some great words of encouragement from the judges – “It’s fantastic how gloriously boring it is.”

While all the artists face the problem of the changeable British weather, one also has to contend with a rather intense conversation with Joan Bakewell about end-of-life care. Paint it black, indeed.


Stephen Mangan and Joan Bakewell welcome a new group of artists to Viking Bay in Kent, where they are challenged to paint the picturesque stretch of coastline.