Leominster, 2018

Series 18 - Episode 4 Leominster, 2018



er grandparents’ Herefordshire farm, a place she’s loved since her childhood, and building a family home there.

But having finally bought the land, she and husband Alex were on a tight budget. Like so many other Grand Designers they ended up living on site in a caravan – while they built a modular, three-bedroomed house with the contemporary black barn-style look they wanted. Their other challenge was setting it into the base of a former gravel pit, in order to reduce its visual impact for their neighbours. Not that their neighbours are all that near.


Steph Wilson and her husband Alex build a contemporary, cantilevered farmhouse on farmlands once owned by her grandfather in Herefordshire. The couple are told their ambitious design will cost £500,000, twice as much as they can borrow, but the pair decide to take a leap of faith and move into a draughty old caravan on site as they begin working on their new home.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Kevin McCloud
Director Marc Beers
Executive Producer Fiona Caldwell
Executive Producer Cal Turner