Lawless Britain: Where Are the Police? - Channel 4 Dispatches

Lawless Britain: Where Are the Police? - Channel 4 Dispatches



Have you been burgled, robbed or assaulted but feel that the police brushed you off? You're not alone. Dispatches hears from victims of crime who claim that the police have failed to investigate their cases fully, if at all. These are stories of violent attacks, homes broken into, property vandalised and family businesses left to fend for themselves against thieves. Exclusive research featured in the programme raises concerns that Britain is now sliding into a new era of policing. One of the most comprehensive analyses to date reveals the levels of crimes that many forces are choosing not to investigate. Dispatches also examines the wider impact of the policy of `screening out' and other practices by the police. Some victims are being left to investigate and seek justice themselves, others feel that law and order is slipping away from their community. The police say they're severely under-resourced and can't look into everything. But what message does giving up on certain crimes send to criminals? If we encourage what we tolerate, will we end up with higher serious crime rates?

Cast & Crew

Director Claire Burnett
Executive Producer George Waldrum
Current Affairs