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The Cry

Series 1 - Episode 2



Stricken parents Joanna and Alistair are pinned by the glare of the world’s press after baby Noah is snatched from their car. But much worse is the scrutiny of the denizens of social media, the endless, carping, questioning Greek chorus that insists on pulling the hollow-eyed, dazed young mum to pieces.

The world wants to see a “good mother crushed”, PR expert/spin doctor Alistair (Ewen Leslie) tells his wife (Jenna Coleman), who’s winded by grief in what is building into a very neat thriller full of feints and misdirection.

The two leads are so believable as a couple torn to shreds by a harrowing, overwhelming loss, as the layers of a complex story start to settle.


Joanna finds herself at the centre of a media circus as the world's press descends on Wilde Bay to report on the disappearance. She becomes obsessed with people forming theories about her child's fate on the internet, adopting a fake identity to join in the discussion. As the police investigation continues, she and Alistair are forced to adopt different strategies for coping with the constant intrusion, a pressure which threatens to break their relationship.

Cast & Crew

Joanna Jenna Coleman
Alistair Ewen Leslie
Alexandra Asher Keddie
Det Peter Alexlades Alex Dimitriades
Kirsty Sophie Kennedy Clark
Chloe Markella Kavenagh
Det Lorna Jones Shareena Clanton
Elizabeth Stella Gonet
Bec Drake Farah Ahmed
Susie Candy Bowers
Morven Davis Kate Dickie
Henry McCallum David Elliot
Declan Patrick Harvey
Krishna Sachin Joab
Young Chloe Kayla Kisielweski
Dr Wallace Shauna Macdonald
Shazza Morphett Moya O'Shea
Coral Buchanan Carolyn Shakespeare-Allen
Defence lawyer Moyo Akande
Trucker Eddie Baroo
Young boy Fox Curry
Check out kid Ollie Ivin Poole
Journalist Cassandra Magrath
Director Glendyn Ivin
Dramatised By Jacquelin Perske
Executive Producer Claire Mundell
Producer Brian Kaczynski
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