Series 3 - Episode 2 Chef



This enjoyable visit to the weird fantasy land of Munty sees another brilliant cameo from Sally Phillips as the formidable Slasher, a woman who is as psychotic and violent as her name suggests. She’s so determined that her pig wins a pet show, she gets performance-enhancing drugs from Paul Kaye’s wizard, Howell. But if you know the unscrupulous shaman (or whatever he is), you’ll know Howell is dosing other creatures.

There’s also a jolly subplot about Brian’s determination to land a job in the Jug and the Other Jugs as a chef. But he has stiff competition from Herman’s former brother-in- arms, the worryingly disturbed Sved (Clive Russell).


Brian pitches for a job in the pub while Herman helps an old warrior friend. Barbara finds herself in charge of the Munty Pet show, which Howell is attempting to fix.