Victoria & Albert: The Power Behind the Queen

Victoria & Albert: The Power Behind the Queen


By the time Prince Albert died at the age of 42, he’d become one of the most powerful men in the world. However, until the time of the Queen’s first pregnancy, he wasn’t involved in any government issues, mainly because the British people were suspicious of a foreigner’s interference but also because Victoria herself was reluctant to relinquish control and give him any authority.

This straightforward drama doc, starring Olivia Hallinan and Gareth David-Lloyd (sporting luxuriant wig and whiskers), takes us through the events that brought about Albert’s changing role and helps us to understand his astonishing contribution to modern society.


Drama-documentary charting the life of Queen Victoria's husband, examining his role as a driving force behind the industrial revolution, a leading influence on British culture, and a campaigner for the welfare of the country's working class communities. As nine pregnancies took their toll on the queen's health, Albert was driven to take up a far more active role until his early death at the age of 42.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Samantha Bond
Gareth David-Lloyd
Olivia Hallinan
Director Paul Olding
Executive Producer Jeff Anderson
Writer Paul Olding
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Drama Documentary