Women on the Verge

Women on the Verge

Series 1 - Episode 1

Wed 5 Feb 10:35pm - 11:15pm W


Women on the Verge opens colours- to-the-mast unequivocally with a couple having noisy sex in a pub toilet. But hang on, before you sigh about Fleabag and Catastrophe having a lot to answer for, give this comedy drama, co-created by Sharon Horgan, a go.

The women of the title are in their mid-30s, live in Dublin and are struggling to navigate their disappointing lives, which of course includes their hopeless taste in partners. Journalist Laura is having an a air with her
married boss, Alison (Eileen Walsh) gets back with her dreadful ex-husband, and Katie (Nina Sosanya) simmers with resentment at her former partner’s new happy family.

The cast (including Horgan, seen brie y as a psychotherapist) is great, particularly Kerry Condon as the maunderingly adrift Laura. She’s wasting her life on a man who really doesn’t care about her and a journalistic career that’s going nowhere. 


Comedy starring Kerry Condon, Nina Sosanya and Eileen Walsh as friends struggling to cope with complicated lives. Alison plans to get back with her ex even though she does not love him, Laura tries to get her life in order after a disastrous incident at a family christening, and Katie considers artificial insemination.

Cast & Crew

Laura Kerry Condon
Katie Nina Sosanya
Alison Eileen Walsh