A Coquettish Fascinator

Series 7 - Episode 6 A Coquettish Fascinator



Once it was the childish interloper on the panel show scene, now it’s an institution. Tonight is Taskmaster’s 50th episode, and after clubbing 35 contestants over the head with 263 tasks across seven series, it has still got it.

The best tasks are the ones that draw on contestants’ natural performing skills (they’re clearly wasted, for instance, packing glasses into boxes), so when they’re told to write a soap opera scene with a cliffhanger ending, the results are oddly brilliant.

For that matter, so is Rhod Gilbert’s angry aside describing Taskmaster Greg Davies as “an escaped Easter Island monument”. And so is the sight of tonight’s winner eating ice cream with a piano key.


This seventh series reaches the halfway stage and, with the possible exception of Phil Wang, all five competitors still have high hopes of winning Greg Davies's massive gold-plated noggin. Under the watchful eye of the Taskmaster's personal bootlick Alex Horne, Kerry Godliman and Jessica Knappett resort to soapy violence, while James Acaster callously ruptures a ukulele.

Cast & Crew

Host Greg Davies
Co-host Alex Horne
Contestant Phil Wang
Contestant Kerry Godliman
Contestant Jessica Knappett
Contestant James Acaster
Executive Producer Richard Allen-Turner
Executive Producer James Taylor
Executive Producer Jon Thoday
Executive Producer Hilary Rosen
Executive Producer Rob Aslett
Executive Producer Andy Devonshire
Executive Producer Alex Horne
Series Director Andy Devonshire
Series Producer Andy Cartwright
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