The Art of Drumming

The Art of Drumming

Series 1 - Episode 3



Here, we focus on drumming styles, kicking off with the acrobatic beats of the great Keith Moon: a “lead drummer”, who sounded like he was playing while falling down a flight of stairs – all in perfect time.

John Bonham also had an instantly recognisable rhythmic personality, epitomised by his machine gun bass drum. Like all top musicians, Moon and Bonham played from the gut. But it’s a shame neither of them is around to defend themselves against Ginger Baker’s assertions of superiority. “They were nowhere near my level,” he says here. Maybe he’s right. But could any of them hold a candle to jazz octopus Buddy Rich? “[Rich’s] technical ability was unworldly,” says Dave Weckl.


A celebration of the style and showmanship of some of music's most iconic performers, including Cream's Ginger Baker and Deep Purple's Ian Paice.

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