35 Millimetre Murder

Series 3 - Episode 13 35 Millimetre Murder



A photographic lab erroneously sends Dr Sloan someone else's photos, embroiling him in the death of an escort girl. Meanwhile, Amanda prepares to give birth. Medical detective drama, starring Dick Van Dyke.

Cast & Crew

Dr Mark Sloan Dick Van Dyke
Dr Amanda Bentley Victoria Rowell
Dr Jesse Travis Charlie Schlatter
Lt Steve Sloan Barry Van Dyke
Vic Slovak Stephen Furst
Darlene Mix Hillary Danner
Judge Walter Graystone Phil Reeves
Det Bill Abrams Cylk Cozart
Mindy Brian Jennifer Campbell
Eddie Alcala Gregory Scott Cummins
Don Blaine Alex Demir
Limo driver Morgan Stoddard
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