Odorous and Odious

Series 15 - Episode 5 Odorous and Odious



Sally Phillips, Ross Noble and Nish Kumar join regular panellist Alan Davies and host Sandi Toksvig for an extended version of the comedy quiz show. This time, the topic is `Odorous and Odious'. During the course of the show, the panellists learn why the world's second-smelliest man is so frustrated. As ever, correctness and even intelligence go out of the window, as the fiendishly difficult questions lead to points being awarded for the answers its questionmaster finds most interesting, as opposed to correct.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Sandi Toksvig
Panellist Alan Davies
Panellist Sally Phillips
Panellist Ross Noble
Panellist Nish Kumar
Director Ian Lorimer
Producer Piers Fletcher
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Comedy Entertainment