Man Down

Series 4 - Episode 5



I wonder if Greg Davies and his co-writers first dream up the hideous situations their hero Dan ends up in, then figure out how to arrive there, or if they just follow inspiration wherever it leads?

In this episode Dan experiences pretty much the worst manly humiliation you can imagine while attending his baby’s christening in a church. Every time you think comedically this series won’t quite dare to go there – it goes there.

Before that point there’s a brilliant cross-eyed hippy called Sue and a cameo from the great Derek Griffiths (from Play School) as a blind baby-whisperer. Dan loves his baby boy so much: why won’t it look at him?


Dan cannot believe his luck when a health visitor suggests that what mum and new baby need is a 'daddy day', but when his son seems a bit cold towards him, Dan becomes increasingly desperate to establish a bond.

Cast & Crew

Dan Greg Davies
Nesta Stephanie Cole
Jo Roisin Conaty
Brian Mike Wozniak
Mum Gwyneth Powell
Emma Jeany Spark
Ally Isy Suttie
Shakira Ashley McGuire
Carol Ruth Bratt
Mrs Lipsey Stella Gonet
Mr Lipsey Michael Gould
Patty Joanna Brookes
Blind Jim Derek Griffiths
Milky Sue Joanna Neary
Vicar Michael Sheldon
Jason Michael Bunani
Gregory Max Gill
Josephine Rhianna Joy Hosmer
Kevin Sam Hunt
Director Al Campbell
Executive Producer James Taylor
Executive Producer Jon Thoday
Executive Producer Richard Allen-Turner
Producer Jane Wallbank
Writer Greg Davies
Writer Ed Gamble
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