Elizabeth & Philip: Love and Duty

Elizabeth & Philip: Love and Duty


Kirsty Young presents a tribute to the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh marking their 70th wedding anniversary. There’s a moment we see from a speech the Queen gave in 1997 where she refers to Philip as “my strength and stay, all these years” and you can hear a tiny tremor, the merest hint of her voice just beginning to crack with emotion.

It doesn’t, of course, but there’s a suggestion of the private love that has sustained them through decades of duty – which outsiders can no more genuinely understand than the writers of The Crown.

Young guides us through their relationship as best she can, starting with their fateful encounter in 1939, when Princess Elizabeth was 13.


Kirsty Young celebrates the 70th wedding anniversary of the Queen and Prince Philip by examining the longest royal marriage in British history through key moments. She looks at how every step of their life together has been played out in the glare of publicity and in service of the nation, while steering it through decades of change.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Kirsty Young
Director Rebecca Whyte
Executive Producer Lucie Kon
Producer Rebecca Whyte