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Big Blue

Series 1 - Episode 4 Big Blue



The bombastic music and cartoon-y sound effects have spoilt this series for some viewers, but it keeps throwing up amazing sights. For my money the soundtrack is less intrusive this week, as cameras roam the wide-open oceans – “the world’s greatest wilderness”.

If you want drama there’s a mighty feeding frenzy starring spinner dolphins, tuna and sailfish, all of which attack a shoal of lanternfish to create the phenomenon known as “boiling seas”.

But I was more taken with the strange and beautiful sight of a family of sperm whales simply hanging vertically in the water, the owners of the biggest brains on the planet taking time off for a sleep.


Wildlife that live thousands of kilometres from land, featuring footage of baby turtles using debris as life rafts and whales sharks embarking on lengthy voyages across the Pacific to the point where it is safest to give birth. Special pressure-proof cameras are used to film sperm whales hunting for squid a kilometre beneath the surface and the impact of plastic pollution on the oceans is revealed.

Cast & Crew

Narrator David Attenborough
Executive Producer James Honeyborne
Producer John Ruthven
Series Producer Mark Brownlow