Bog Bodies Secrets Revealed

Bog Bodies Secrets Revealed

Series 2



The title may sound like a zombie B-movie, but the documentary is actually a look at the human corpses submerged in wetlands and preserved, from as far back as the Iron Age.

Historians and archaeologists, with the help of some rather unnecessary exaggerated music, narration and dramatic re-creation, explain the science and use it to speculate and analyse two naturally mummified bodies found in 1950 in Denmark’s Jutland region.

It turns out that they may hold the clues to help solve a murder mystery. It’s not gripping stuff, but the detail in the bodies is astonishing, and will delight pre-history buffs.


In 1950, farmers in Jutland, an area of central Denmark, stumbled across two bodies in a bog with blackened skin and flame-red hair, preserved in a form of natural mummification. For decades, these preserved ancient people have baffled archaeologists. However, cutting-edge forensic science now allows a 2,000-year-old murder mystery to be unlocked. Using revolutionary new methods, a team of scientists assembled from across the world unearths a shocking story of vengeful gods, dark water and human sacrifice.

Cast & Crew

Director Phil Stein
Executive Producer Andra Heritage
Executive Producer Dan Chambers
Series Producer Michael Douglas
Documentary Arts