Man Down

Series 4 - Episode 4



Dan is holding his newborn child as Emma’s parents freely poke fun at him. They’re particularly amused by the idea he’s a half-decent teacher. “You’ve never seen me teach!” he protests to Emma’s mother. To which she shoots back, “I’ve never seen a cat ice a cake but I’m pretty sure it would make a mess of it.”

So to prove her wrong – and once again prove himself worthy of the beautiful Emma – he resolves to make a success of the school trip he’s taking his remedial class on. We know how school-trip storylines turn out in sitcoms but this one at least has some surreal (and filthy) touches, plus Dan insisting angrily, “I could inspire the tits off a kid!”


Dan takes his Behavioural Unit on a historical school trip with desperate hopes of becoming a 'bright light' his troubled kids can follow. Jo goes undercover to avoid government detection and Brian has a mysterious secret passion.

Cast & Crew

Dan Greg Davies
Jo Roisin Conaty
Brian Mike Wozniak
Ally Isy Suttie
Emma Jeany Spark
Mrs Lipsey Stella Gonet
Mr Lipsey Michael Gould
Shakira Ashley McGuire
Headmaster Elliot Levey
1940s Dad Charlie Kemp
Ted Roger Sloman
Winston Churchill Gavin Spokes
Jason Michael Bunani
Gregory Max Gill
Josephine Rhianna Joy Hosmer
Kevin Sam Hunt
Director Al Campbell
Executive Producer Richard Allen-Turner
Executive Producer James Taylor
Executive Producer Jon Thoday
Producer Jane Wallbank
Writer Greg Davies
Writer Ed Gamble
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