Howards End

Series 1 - Episode 1



Restlessly clever and thoroughly modern woman Margaret Schlegel lives with her brother Tibby and sister Helen in a lovely house on a prosperous square in Edwardian London.

The girls are lost in books and music and have very forward-thinking ideas about the emancipation of women and female equality. But one brief, ill-judged and hasty telegram from Helen – holidaying at the beautiful country house, Howards End, with family friends the Wilcoxes – throws an emotional grenade into all of their lives.

Kenneth Lonergan’s breezy, completely winning adaptation of EM Forster’s novel barely pauses for breath as we hurtle through the Britain of 1905, with all of its class chasms and snobberies. Hayley Atwell glows as Margaret, who forges an unlikely and close friendship with matriarch Mrs Wilcox (Julia Ormond).

It’s a lost world of luncheon parties and good manners, intellectual curiosity and the seedlings of female emancipation.


New series. Period drama based on EM Forster's novel about the lives of three English families at the beginning of the 20th century. The London-dwelling Schlegel family are dramatically thrown into contact with the country-based Wilcoxes when an engagement abruptly falls through. The two families soon find themselves unlikely neighbours, while a mix-up involving an umbrella leads to an awkward encounter. Starring Hayley Atwell.

Cast & Crew

Margaret Schlegel Hayley Atwell
Henry Wilcox Matthew Macfadyen
Helen Schlegel Philippa Coulthard
Leonard Bast Joseph Quinn
Tibby Schlegel Alex Lawther
Charles Wilcox Joseph Bannister
Jacky Bast Rosalind Eleazar
Evie Wilcox Bessie Carter
Paul Wilcox Jonah Hauer-King
Aunt Juley Tracey Ullman
Mrs Wilcox Julia Ormond
Annie Donna Banya
Nancy Hannah Traylen
Crane Gavin Brocker
Frieda Mosenbach Leonie Benesch
Herr Liesecke George Taylor
Doctor Sagar Arya
Margaret's friend Tim Pritchett
Earnest young woman Maya Saroya
Ticket boy Jos Slovick
Director Hettie Macdonald
Executive Producer Lucy Richer
Executive Producer David A Stern
Executive Producer Alixandre Witlin
Executive Producer Joshua D Maurer
Executive Producer Scott Huff
Executive Producer Sophie Gardiner
Executive Producer Colin Callender
Producer Laura Hastings-Smith
Writer Kenneth Lonergan
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