I Know Who You Are

I Know Who You Are

Series 2 - Episode 3



There are Doctor Foster levels of emotional barbarity towards children in this convoluted, often baffling, very talky Spanish crime drama. Creepy, lecherous solicitor Elias has shut his teenage niece Ana in a dungeon while he constantly lies to and manipulates his own kids.

The family and all of its offshoots at the centre of I Know Who You Are are tearing each other to bits with their conflicting loyalties and self-interest while the slapdash and lackadaisical police drag slowly behind.

So, in the penultimate double bill, Elias’s wife is in a coma in hospital and only she and the attacker know who stabbed her. But will she ever wake?


Elias and Pol rush to Alicia's bedside after hearing she has woken from her coma, and Elias is quick to tell her he knows she got in touch with Judge Santos. Once she gets a moment alone with Pol, she urges him to get Ana away from his father. Meanwhile, Marta Hess sets to work on gathering evidence against Santi Mur - by fair means or foul. Spanish thriller, starring Francesc Garrido.

Cast & Crew

Juan Elias Francesc Garrido
Alicia Castro Blanca Portillo
Eva Duran Aida Folch
David Vila Carles Francino
Ricardo S Heredia Antonio Dechent
Ramon Saura Nancho Novo
Marta Hess Eva Santolaria
Silvia Castro Mar Sodupe
Ana Saura Susana Abaitua
Pol Elias Castro Alex Monner
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