Don't Say It, Bring It

Don't Say It, Bring It

Series 1 - Episode 1



Although this is the sort of programme you would have expected Channel 4 to broadcast circa 2003 after closing time on a Friday night, this new Dave game show is strangely rather compelling. Members of the public win cash as they answer the questions comedian Jason Byrne sets them by bringing him the item in question, be it a lighter, a toaster or a sock. But whatever it is, they have to run around like wallies trying desperately to wrangle items from perplexed members of the public.

It’s utter bedlam (“Are we on the news?” a busload of tourists in Edinburgh shout over at one point) but the charmingly low-budget guerrilla-style of filming actually makes this programme all the more endearing.


Game show presented by Jason Byrne, in which he challenges people to bring back the answer to a question, but not to say it, beginning in Belfast, Edinburgh and Whitby.