Thunderbirds Are Go

Rigged for Disaster

Series 2 - Episode 23 Rigged for Disaster

Tue 23 Oct 11:50am - 12:15pm RTÉ2


A duplicitous supervisor on board an oil rig tries to sabotage the facility's operation, and it is up to Lady Penelope and Kayo to stop it from sinking. Animated adventure, featuring the guest voice of Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones), with Rosamund Pike and Angel Coulby.

Cast & Crew

Doyle Emilia Clarke
Lady Penelope Rosamund Pike
Parker/Mallow David Graham
Jimmy/Crewman Hooper Matthew Baynton
Kayo Angel Coulby
Virgil Tracy David Menkin
Director Chad Moffitt
Executive Producer Richard Taylor
Executive Producer Estelle Hughes
Executive Producer Giles Ridge
Executive Producer Clive Spink
Writer Patrick Rieger
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