Series 9 Episode 11

Series 8 - Episode 24 Series 9 Episode 11

Thursday 1:15am - 2:02am E4


With shows of this kind, one does wonder about the vetting process for participants. Presumably they – or a cheeky, sympathetic pal – fill in an application form, speak to a producer, and are given ample opportunity to choose exactly what information they share before they go on the telly. 

Which is why it is tickling that one of tonight’s daters, Joel, is being billed simply as “sausage roll maker”. There’s no shame in that, but with the limited information RT has been given as we go to press, it’s unclear whether that’s how he makes his money, or just how he spends his Wednesday afternoons. Either way, he’s on a date with recipe developer Mimi. Hopefully pastry is an area where she’s looking to expand.


How will model Laura react when she finds out what tall, dark Dan does for a living? And will sausage roll maker Joel's culinary creativity impress recipe developer Mimi?