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Series 4 - Episode 3 Blackbird



We all know Aunt Polly is a terror when she’s roused. Ada makes the mistake of suggesting Pol needs to behave herself if she’s going to get back her old position with the family firm. Bad move.

“Whilst working for this company I have killed a man,” Pol glowers. “I have lost a man. I have found a son. I have nearly lost a son. I have nearly lost my own life. I will accept my job back if the terms on offer are favourable. But I will not behave myself.” It’s the kind of speech Helen McCrory can deliver almost casually and still put the fear of God into anyone listening. And sure enough, Pol’s idea of not behaving herself looks to be deeply worrying.

Even aside from that storyline, it’s an episode full of scenes that burn off the screen, with one involving a bath of blood-red violence from Arthur. Plus, we see a glimpse of the sadness deep in Tommy’s soul: the love he lost before the war.


The Italians launch another attack on the Peaky Blinders and Tommy realises that the Shelbys need to evolve if they are to survive, but some of the family are reluctant to part with tradition. As the strike takes hold at the Lanchester factory, Tommy pays a personal visit to Jessie Eden, but is outmanoeuvred when she reveals something she knows about his past, while Changretta plans further ways to continue the vendetta in the most devastating way possible. Elsewhere, Luca makes direct contact with someone at the heart of the Peaky Blinders organisation.

Cast & Crew

Thomas Shelby Cillian Murphy
Aunt Polly Helen McCrory
Arthur Shelby Paul Anderson
Ada Shelby Sophie Rundle
Michael Gray Finn Cole
Jessie Eden Charlie Murphy
Lizzie Stark Natasha O'Keeffe
Linda Shelby Kate Phillips
Luca Changretta Adrien Brody
Isiah Jordan Bolger
Niall Devlin Graeme Hawley
Matteo Luca Matteo Zizzari
Frederico Jake J Meniani
Billy Andrew Jefferson-Tierney
Foreman Joe Osborne
Rosemary Wanda Opalinska
Finn Shelby Harry Kirton
Stratford Barman Rob Mitchell James
Nurse Sophie Harrison
Director David Caffrey
Executive Producer Caryn Mandabach
Executive Producer Steven Knight
Executive Producer Will Gould
Executive Producer Jamie Glazebrook
Executive Producer Frith Tiplady
Executive Producer Cillian Murphy
Executive Producer Tommy Bulfin
Producer Joe Donaldson
Writer Steven Knight
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