Kazim and Jeremiah are young entrepreneurs in the early stages of rolling out their home delivery service, Speedi-Kazz. Both are blessed with different skill-sets - Kazim has the energy and confidence, while Jeremiah has the brains. However, on occasion these differences can leave them at loggerheads. This comedy follows their fledgling business - and awkward bromance - as it they serve their fellow Londoners. Daniel Ezra and Kayode Ewumic star.

Cast & Crew

Kazim Kayode Ewumi
Jeremiah Daniel Ezra
Cynthia Stirling Gallacher
Jaime Ivanno Jeremiah
Becky Petra Letang
Tunde Femi Elufowoju
The Guy Kiell Smith-Bynoe
Layla Thea Gajic
Jenifer Georgia Grant-Anderson
Susan Alexis Simone
Arnold Jude Anane-Agyei
Garry Mark Fleischmann
Dr Ofori Michael Dapaah
Director Nida Manzoor
Executive Producer Simon Wilson
Producer Phil Gilbert
Writer Kayode Ewumi
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