Catching a Killer

A Bullet Through the Window

Series 1 - Episode 3 A Bullet Through the Window



A distraught man dials 999 and yells at the dispatcher: “My friend just got shot… my friend just got shot.” As he desperately carries out CPR under the operator’s instructions it becomes clear that there is little hope. The victim is dead.

So begins the hunt for 19-year-old Suhaib Mohammed’s killer after he was shot through the window of a known drug den in Milton Keynes. It’s the last investigation for the detective leading the inquiry before he retires, so he feels the pressure particularly keenly.

It’s another gripping documentary that follows, step by step, the routine of a murder hunt. Though this one turns out to veer from the usual path almost immediately, when a man turns up at the police station. He wants
to confess to the killing.

Suhaib Mohammed’s sister and father talk movingly of a boy who had so much potential, yet took the wrong path. 


A 19-year-old boy is shot through an open window in a quiet street. Catching a Killer follows the police investigation. Is there more to the case than meets the eye, with a potential second suspect?