Channel Zero: No-End House: Nice Neighbourhood

Channel Zero: No-End House: Nice Neighbourhood

Series 2

Friday 3:10am - 3:55am 5STAR


Margot burns her bridges with Jules, who finds comfort in Seth. Elsewhere, JD becomes envious of his doppelganger, who responds in ferocious fashion. An encounter with Margot results in an echo from her pseudo dad's past, triggering a gruesome response. Amy Forsyth and Aisha Dee star.

Cast & Crew

Margot Sleator Amy Forsyth
Jules Aisha Dee
Seth Jeff Ward
JD Seamus Patterson
Dylan Sebastian Pigott
Lacey Jess Salgueiro
Brenna Melanie Nicholls-King
John Sleator John Carroll Lynch
Corrine Sleator Kim Huffman
Allison Koja Kyla Kane
Margot (age 5) Abigail Pniowsky
Margot (age 11) Summer Howell
Caged father Joel Waldie
Caged mother Tracey Pniowsky
Caged daughter Cassie Luhtalla
Caged son Keenan Lehmann
Director Steven Piet
Executive Producer Max Landis
Executive Producer Nick Antosca
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