The Last Post

Series 1 - Episode 6

Fri 30 Apr 2:35am - 4am Drama


Captain Joe Martin is in big trouble after the shenanigans of the previous episode, when he deliberately disobeyed an order, though for the best of reasons.

But that cuts no ice with the court martial panel and the whole thing feels like a very nasty stitch-up, with Joe thrown to the wolves by Dark Establishment Forces.

As Peter Moffat’s 1960s Royal Military Police drama ends, Joe’s naive young wife Honor forges an unlikely alliance with the Martha Gellhorn-ish reporter Martha Franklin. And of course the painfully narcissistic Alison is still moping about embarrassingly.

The sentimental ending (an aspect of which you’ll see coming from at least five miles off) is clearly set up to facilitate a second series.


Joe's future in the army hangs in the balance, as Honor struggles to cope with the revelations about his secret past. Markham is torn between his duty and his conscience, while Armstrong fears for Yusra's safety.

Cast & Crew

Honor Martin Jessie Buckley
Lt Ed Laithwaite Stephen Campbell Moore
Mary Markham Amanda Drew
Maj Harry Markham Ben Miles
Capt Joe Martin Jeremy Neumark Jones
Alison Laithwaite Jessica Raine
Martha Franklin Essie Davis
Yusra Saeed Ouidad Elma
Lance Cpl Tony Armstrong Tom Glynn-Carney
Lance Cpl Paul Stoneham Louis Greatorex
Sgt Alex Baxter Chris Reilly
Cpl Israel Orchover Kevin Sutton
SIB Cpl Murray Miles Petzer
George Markham Toby Woolf
Dr Russell Andrew Havill
Harvey Tilbrook Richard Dillane
Colin Calvert Mark Tandy
Prosecutor Col Maurice Bishop Mark Dexter
President Brigadier Alan Slater Timothy Bentinck
NLF fighter Clayton Everston
Kadir Hakim Aymen Hamdouchi
Informant Kal Naga
SIB Major Stuart Graham
SIB man Martin Wallace
Director Miranda Bowen
Producer Mark Pybus
Producer Margery Bone
Writer Peter Moffat
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