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The Deep

Series 1 - Episode 2 The Deep

Friday 12pm - 1pm Eden
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A Jules Verne submersible bumps into the waters of the Antarctic to shine a light into what narrator David Attenborough calls “a sea of eternal gloom”.

It’s the start of an episode so packed with stunning moments it almost hurts. As lusty orchestral music pounds on the soundtrack the team leads us to some eerie wonders, such as the jellyfish that looks like a floating gas ring, the fish with a transparent jelly-filled head and red squid that could pass as beautiful lava lamps.

Indeed, most of the creatures in Blue Planet II seem like fabulous light fittings from the world’s most outré branch of John Lewis.

Commas of brightness burst from the sea floor and liquorice-stick-looking eels twist into ampersands as they go into toxic shock from an overdose of brine. There is much, too, that is genuinely eerie, including the sharks feasting on the rotting carcass of a whale.


Creatures that live in volcanic hot spots on the ocean bed, areas that reach temperatures hot enough to melt lead and which may hold the secrets behind all life on Earth. Other strange creatures from the depths of the sea include bone-eating worms, fish that walk rather than swim, and hordes of squid. Plus, footage of sharks in a feeding frenzy over the dead body of a whale and the wildlife of the Midnight Zone in the Pacific, an area that never receives any natural light, forcing creatures to rely on their own bioluminescence.

Cast & Crew

Narrator David Attenborough
Executive Producer James Honeyborne
Producer Orla Doherty
Series Producer Mark Brownlow