The Last Post

Series 1 - Episode 5



This is such a strange, harrowing Sunday-night drama, predicated on the possible execution of a little boy. Young George, son of the Military Police station’s commanding officer, is being held somewhere in the Yemeni desert, a bargaining chip for the return of the insurgents’ leader.

The Last Post clearly sees modern parallels with current terrorist atrocities – there’s a distressing cine film of young George and his captors that has horrible echoes of recent outrages. But it’s George’s dignified mum Mary (Amanda Drew, excellent) who will hold your heart as she stoically doesn’t cause a fuss (you sense the worst thing a woman could possibly do in the 1960s forces) as she prepares herself for what is to come.


The NLF want to make a trade. Alison watches over Ed, feeling conflicted over their marriage. Yusra smuggles a coded message to Armstrong, and Joe goes against his orders.

Cast & Crew

Honor Martin Jessie Buckley
Lt Ed Laithwaite Stephen Campbell Moore
Mary Markham Amanda Drew
Maj Harry Markham Ben Miles
Capt Joe Martin Jeremy Neumark Jones
Alison Laithwaite Jessica Raine
Martha Franklin Essie Davis
Yusra Saeed Ouidad Elma
Lance Cpl Tony Armstrong Tom Glynn-Carney
Lance Cpl Paul Stoneham Louis Greatorex
Sgt Alex Baxter Chris Reilly
Cpl Israel Orchover Kevin Sutton
Dr Russell Andrew Havill
Harvey Tilbrook Richard Dillane
George Markham Toby Woolf
Alima Saeed Amira Ghazalla
Colin Calvert Mark Tandy
Kadir Hakim Aymen Hamdouchi
NLF swordsman Tamer Burjaq
NLF fighter Clayton Everston
Nurse Philippa Berrington-Blew
Arab pharmacist Abdalla Amer
SIB Major Stuart Graham
Director Miranda Bowen
Producer Mark Pybus
Producer Margery Bone
Writer Peter Moffat
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