Strike Back: Retribution

Strike Back: Retribution

Series 6



Sky 1’s action drama comes roaring back in a blur of fireballs (three in this opening episode) and gunfights and helicopters. It’s all about camo-clad machismo in desert settings where our covert special-ops squad take out generic Arab baddies by the dozen, sustained by a plot from an airport thriller.

Warren Brown is the new misfit recruited for deniable missions, mainly directed at super-baddie Omair Idris, a terrorist with a British wife (Katherine Kelly, surprisingly). The actors bark lines like “Solid copy on that!” and “Take the shot!” while Trevor Eve turns up at the end with an American accent, which can only add to the fun.


The man behind some of the worst terrorist attacks on the west escapes during a prison break masterminded by his British wife, and Col Adeena Donovan needs the situation cleared up quickly and decides to reinstate the disbanded Section 20. The all-new members of the unit set out on a life-or-death mission that will take them across the Middle East and Europe, and plunge them into the paths of Saudi princes and Russian FSB agents. The return of the action adventure, starring Warren Brown and Nina Sosanya.