First Dates

Series 9 - Episode 6



There are two helpings of First Dates this week, starting with another corking episode of the original (and best) version. Robert – a 28-year-old accountant, ballroom dancer and Francophile – is set up on a date with French-born Gladys. Will it be pas de problème for romance to blossom?

Then there’s Joey and Jodie, who met by chance the night before their date (well, we like to think it’s chance, rather than producer intervention), but will there be a spark between them in the restaurant?

On Thursday at 9pm, some rather brave celebrities will be set up with members of the public in a celebrity special in aid of Stand Up to Cancer.


French-born Gladys comes from a family of aristocrats and is searching for her perfect English gentleman to take home to visit the castle. Will Accountant and ballroom dancing enthusiast Robert sweep her off her feet? Used-car salesman Joey meets fashion blogger Jodie, and a chance encounter the night before their date provides an initial spark.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Barnaby Coughlin
Executive Producer Michele Kurland
Series Editor Jon Crisp
Series Producer Vari Innes