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One Ocean

Series 1 - Episode 1 One Ocean



f you just can’t wait until Friday to see David Attenborough’s latest offering, Our Planet, popping up on Netflix, there’s a chance to get your fix of top-notch wildlife footage courtesy of this timely rerun.

The first edition features stunning images of playful dolphins surfing gigantic waves for the sheer fun of it, mobula rays dining on glowing plankton in the deep, the giant trevally fish hoovering up birds with its massive mouth, and the extraordinary sight of bottlenose dolphins apparently fleeing false killer whales before everyone stops for a chat and a play. They are, it seems, old friends. 


Footage of marine life in different environments around the north, beginning with a tropical coral reef which has medicinal properties for dolphins, and is used as a tool by tusk fish. In Japan, a shipwreck is home to the Asian sheepshead wrasse, which can change gender, while in the polar north, walruses struggle to find ice floes for their pups to rest on as climate change takes its toll on the environment.

Cast & Crew

Presenter David Attenborough
Executive Producer James Honeyborne
Producer Jonathan Smith
Series Producer Mark Brownlow