Electric Dreams: Human Is

Electric Dreams: Human Is

Series 1



Like several of the self-contained dramas in this series, tonight’s tale looks amazing. The sets, costumes and art direction are gorgeously atmospheric, conjuring an image of the world in 2520 that is a visual feast (a subterranean sex club is especially memorable).

If only the same care had been lavished on the scripts. Essie Davis and Bryan Cranston are perfectly fine as a high official and a military commander in a loveless marriage that takes a strange turn, but the dialogue is painfully generic (“What you’re saying is tantamount to treason!” etc) and there’s a stilted coldness to everything that makes it hard to get emotionally involved.


An official in a loveless marriage sent to harvest a precious resource from another planet survives an attack by aliens and returns home a changed man. At first his wife is happy by his newfound passion for her and life in general, but begins to suspect he has been replaced by a different man. Starring Bryan Cranston and Essie Davis.

Cast & Crew

Silas Herrick Bryan Cranston
Vera Herrick Essie Davis
Gen Olin Liam Cunningham
Yaro Peterson Ruth Bradley
Agent Lance Dean Ashton
Dr El Ganol William Gaminara
Pte Matthews Jamie Wilkes
Agent Dov Jessica D'Arcy
State's advocate Nathalie Armin
Interrogator Khalid Abdalla
Chief judge Ronan Vibert
Military official Marc Danbury
Video technician Fode Simbo
Director Francesca Gregorini
Dramatised By Jessica Mecklenburg
Executive Producer Michael Dinner
Executive Producer David Kanter
Executive Producer Matt DeRoss
Executive Producer Isa Hackett
Executive Producer Kalen Egan
Executive Producer Christopher Tricarico
Executive Producer Ronald D Moore
Executive Producer Maril Davis
Executive Producer Bryan Cranston
Executive Producer James Degus
Executive Producer Katie DiMento
Executive Producer Marigo Kehoe
Executive Producer Lila V Rawlings
Producer Rupert Ryle-Hodges
Writer Philip K Dick
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