Man Down

Series 4 - Episode 1



Greg Davies’s midlife sitcom isn’t to everyone’s taste – it’s filthy for a start, and vibrates with real oddness – but for those who love its tales of a giant self-sabotaging pillock, it’s like nothing else out there.

Davies’s non-hero Dan can turn any situation to his disadvantage, often with the help of his friends, uptight Brian and loopy Jo. The start of series four finds Dan working on a farm but determined to make a home where he and his ex (now pregnant with his child) can be as happy as the family in the picture on the Twister box.

In one scene he lets on to the sour-faced woman at the local café (one of many freakish minor characters) that he will soon be a father. “You ever see a kid get born?” she scowls, then brutally shows what it’s like with the help of a full English breakfast. Like the show as a whole, it’s painful to watch but gloriously funny, too.


The comedy written by and starring Greg Davies returns for a fourth series. In the first episode, Dan finds himself blinkered by unrealistic hopes for his impending fatherhood. He has decided to quit his much-hated job as a teacher, and is on an increasingly desperate hunt to find a new home for his soon-to-be family.

Cast & Crew

Dan Greg Davies
Nesta Stephanie Cole
Jo Roisin Conaty
Brian Mike Wozniak
Mum Gwyneth Powell
Emma Jeany Spark
Shakira Ashley McGuire
Doctor Baxter Michael Cochrane
Ally Isy Suttie
Carol Ruth Bratt
Mrs Lipsey Stella Gonet
Mr Lipsey Michael Gould
Geordie Micky Cochrane
Mr Crumbs Chris James
Woman in Queue Eryl Maynard
Farmer John Stephen Morrison
Jenny Maggie Service
Trevor Nelson
Dennis Taylor
Director Al Campbell
Executive Producer Richard Allen-Turner
Executive Producer James Taylor
Executive Producer Jon Thoday
Producer Jane Wallbank
Writer Greg Davies
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