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Rebuilding Generation War

Series 34 - Episode 7 Rebuilding Generation War



If you’ve ever complained about the shortcomings of the under-strain NHS, this film – fronted by Yousra Elbagir – makes for chastening viewing. The Al-Mowasah hospital in Amman, Jordan, is run by Médecins sans Frontières, and serves not a neighbourhood or city, but a large part of the Arabian peninsula.

It takes in people who have been injured in conflicts across the region, mainly those in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, which means its patients have often had to make long, dangerous journeys to receive the life-saving and life-changing treatment the doctors there can offer. Elbagir meets some of those patients, several of them children, to hear their difficult, emotional stories.


Reporter Yousra Elbagir visits the Mowasah hospital in Jordan where Medecins Sans Frontieres - aka Doctors Without Borders - surgeons are offering innocent victims of the wars in Syria, Iraq and Yemen life-changing surgery to help them restart their lives. It's the only hospital of its kind in the Middle East, and as well as battling their injuries, patients - many of them children or still in their teens - have had to make extraordinary journeys to get there. Elbagir follows their stories and investigates the challenges facing a generation that has known only war.

Cast & Crew

Reporter Yousra Elbagir
Director Jessica Kelly
Series Editor Evan Williams
Series Editor Monica Garnsey