A. Malcolm

Series 3 - Episode 6 A. Malcolm



Talk about delayed gratification. It’s taken five episodes to bring Claire and Jamie back together again, but the makers of this historical romance aren’t rushing to get them straight into bed, although it’s not long before Jamie’s taking his trousers off. First, they have to get to know one another again – after all, 20 years have passed in their timelines since they said farewell. Claire’s dyed her hair, Jamie’s wearing glasses, and a lot has happened since – how is he going to explain what he’s doing living in an Edinburgh brothel?

It's clear the red-hot attraction between them has not dimmed. “Time doesn’t matter, Sassenach,” Jamie says, while they share a Tom Jones-like meal before jumping on each other (their passionate reunion largely explains why this is a longer than usual episode). But this being Outlander, trouble is hot on their heels.


After decades apart, Jamie and Claire finally reunite and rekindle their emotional and physical bonds. But Jamie's business dealings jeopardise the couples' hopes for a simple life.

Cast & Crew

Jamie Fraser Sam Heughan
Claire Randall Caitriona Balfe