Living the Dream

Living the Dream

Series 1 - Episode 2



The Pembertons have not got off to a great start with their new life in Florida. The trouble is, as young Freddie explains after his first day at school, “They’re American… so, you know, a bit weird.” Having been made over by the local ladies who lunch (they’re just like the Housewives of … franchise) mum Jen agrees but Mal has a bigger problem with trailer park bully Troy.

After last week’s scene setting, this comedy drama is starting to settle down with gentle pops at the cultural differences between Americans and Brits and entertainingly awkward moments. Philip Glenister’s reworked version of All Things Bright and Beautiful is exquisitely ghastly.


Mal battles to keep the peace with burly park resident Troy, while Tina and Freddie struggle to get to grips with life in high school, and Rhonda invites Jen to lunch.

Cast & Crew

Mal Philip Glenister
Jen Lesley Sharp
Tina Rosie Day
Freddie Brenock O'Connor
Troy Kevin Nash
Drama Comedy