Angry, White and American

Angry, White and American

Series 1



British journalist and author Gary Younge loses his patience with smug, giggling Richard Spencer, leader of a huge American far-right movement.

Younge, who is black, reaches his tipping point when Spencer insists; “You’ll never be an Englishman… that’s not really your home.” Spencer wants a white “ethnostate” full of white people. He wants it to be “our homeland, our safe space”. Eventually Younge walks away: “You don’t get to tell me where my home is!”

Younge presents a fascinating portrait of an America at war with itself, and a white population that feels under siege and adrift in the midst of economic disaster.


Journalist Gary Younge journeys across the United States to explore the issue of race, talking only to white Americans to understand why many of them have been sent into angry retreat. He drives from Maine to Mississippi - both cities left behind by disappearing jobs and epidemic levels of drug abuse - and explores why Donald Trump's appeal to white people to help him secure victory in the former democratic heartlands resonated so much.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Gary Younge
Director Jenny Ash
Executive Producer Lucy Pilkington