Series 2 - Episode 1 Money



Simon Callow returns as rebellious pensioner Henry, still “sticking it to the man” and still fond of playing the Who full blast. The only difference in the second series of this vigorous, cartoon strip-based sitcom is that his anti-capitalist pal Charlie (Bill Paterson as an alarmingly believable old hippy) has inherited a fortune while daughter Cath (Anna Crilly) is pining for her husband – or rather his regular wage - who’s away in Lesotho.

Carpe diem is Henry’s motto and he certainly does, making his feelings about banks and estate agents known in the sort of satisfyingly physical way you wish you had the courage to do yourself.


Henry wants to help Cath with her money worries - but to do so, he may have to sell his house and move into a retirement home.

Cast & Crew

Henry Palmer Simon Callow
Margaret Anita Dobson
Charles Bill Paterson
Cath Anna Crilly