Bruges Tour

Series 13 - Episode 6 Bruges Tour



The dwindling teams have been shipped off to Bruges, where they must organise and conduct a tour of the ancient city. There are good ideas – a beer tasting and a visit to a chocolate shop – but it turns into the most delicious disaster.

“Stupid beyond belief!” says an exasperated Karren Brady at one point. The map-reader in one team gets them hopelessly lost even though he strenuously denies it; one of the designated tour guides is unbelievably boring (and that’s when she can remember any facts); and one PM runs her tour like a headmistress on a school trip. The candidates that end up in the boardroom get a serious roasting from Lord Sugar.


Alan Sugar sends the candidates off to Bruges to create a high-quality tour of the beautiful Belgian city that passengers would be happy to pay good money for. The teams also try to flog souvenirs to guests to top up their profit margins, but as they sell the tickets, there's jostling between candidates for sales and overpromising on what the tour groups will get, which could lead to major disappointment. The next day on the tours, facts are forgotten, candidates get their groups lost and, with time tight, one of them keeps cracking the whip on what's supposed to be a relaxed tourist experience.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Cal Turner
Executive Producer David Vallance
Series Editor Paul Broadbent