The Frankenstein Chronicles

Not John Marlott

Series 2 - Episode 2 Not John Marlott



The Frankenstein Chronicles might be hokum, but it's jolly good, rip-roaring hokum, oozing with Victorian gothic atmosphere and a heavily menacing air. Sean Bean is great as surly, damaged, decent ex-cop and now fugitive John Marlott, whose vivid nightmares haunt his darkest hours. Marlott is wanted for murder and has so far dodged the gallows. 

But hard-working honest copper Nightingale (Richie Campbell) is on his trail as Marlott is suspected of a double murder.


John Marlott adopts a new identity and gains employment. He believes someone is lying about the recent murders of local clergymen and he is determined to uncover the truth in his search for justice.

Cast & Crew

Inspector John Marlott Sean Bean
Frederick Dipple Laurence Fox
Esther Rose Maeve Dermody
Sir Daniel Hervey Ed Stoppard
Sergeant Nightingale Richie Campbell
Flora Eloise Smyth
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