The Luxury of Conscience

Series 2 - Episode 8 The Luxury of Conscience



Prepare to brush up on your O-level social history, because the repeal of the Corn Laws lies at the heart of the last episode in the series.

As Sir Robert Peel battles his own party in his quest to scrap a protectionist, landowner-friendly law aimed at keeping food production domestic and pricey, he gets visible support from Prince Albert.

But this backfires on them both when Albert’s presence in the House of Commons during a crucial debate is widely mocked. Poor Albert (Tom Hughes) – if he’s not flouncing out of rooms, he’s sulking in corridors because no one takes him seriously. He even gets short shrift from his children’s governess, the formidable Lehzen.

The Queen (Jenna Coleman), though, remains his biggest supporter and as the doors shut for now on Buckingham Palace, Victoria, Albert and their children look the very picture of contentment.


Albert resents Lehzen's influence over the queen, and fears she is putting the health of their children at risk. The prince also unwittingly creates problems for Peel, who is facing the most important battle of his political career as he takes a stand against the corn laws. However, the embattled prime minister discovers that Albert has played into their enemies' hands. The growing tension creates a rift between the royal couple, but when tragedy strikes, personal and political sacrifices must be made.

Cast & Crew

Victoria Jenna Coleman
Prince Albert Tom Hughes
Duchess of Buccleuch Diana Rigg
King Leopold Alex Jennings
Duke of Wellington Peter Bowles
Baroness Lehzen Daniela Holtz
Skerrett Nell Hudson
Francatelli Ferdinand Kingsley
Brodie Tommy Knight
Sir Robert Peel Nigel Lindsay
Duke of Coburg David Oakes
Penge Adrian Schiller
Wilhelmina Coke Bebe Cave
Harriet, Duchess of Sutherland Margaret Clunie
Cleary Tilly Steele
Drummond Leo Suter
Lord Alfred Paget Jordan Waller
Stanley Peter Pacey
George Bentink MP Roger May
John Bright MP Phil Rowson
Dr Pritchard Andrew Havill
Sir James Clark Robin Soans
Florence Grace Link
Speaker John Tueart
Preacher Paul Gilmore
Director Daniel O'Hara
Executive Producer Kate McKerrell
Executive Producer Damien Timmer
Executive Producer Daisy Goodwin
Producer Paul Frift
Writer Daisy Goodwin
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