Series 1 - Episode 7 Truth



A rare misfire in an otherwise thoroughly entertaining series, this episode is a po-faced look at “truth”. This involves lots of men banging on about “authenticity” and “honesty” (Henry Rollins and John Mellencamp, I’m looking at you). And do we really need David Gray to tell us how important Joni Mitchell is?

On the plus side, folk legend Martin Carthy and George Clinton remind us that being true to your roots (or escaping from them, like Clinton, into wonderful offshoots like afrofuturism) doesn’t have to be grim, while Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore offers one absolute fact: “I’m not looking to be Eric Clapton.”


An exploration of the search for truth and authenticity in rock 'n' roll, featuring music and interviews with artists including Henry Rollins, Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler.

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